Been speaking to some people about the value of propaganda and messaging, and just stumbled across a video by a social-democrat I actually like from a year ago, and he explains how we're seen.

I do not care what platform we do it on, but ALL far-left persons need to rethink our messaging. To 99% of the world, 'anarchism' means violent chaos; no prisons means we won't punish the worst crimes; no borders means we'll tolerate religious terrorists.. We need to fix this. NOW.


@restioson Won't be easy. :S There will always be people trying to distort or misrepresent us, but we need to stop gearing our propaganda to ourselves and our bubble. We need ambassadors, and protocols of reaching out to people who might not know the first thing about anarchism -- like myself, two years ago! So short, punchy, simple explanations that target misconceptions and lies, and we should flood every platform we can with them, refraining from our usual memes and pithy reductions.

@Anarchofox @restioson why though? I don't think anarchy will ever be a mass movement but those have a tendency of reducing individual agency anyhow. The best propaganda is finding the cracks where you can live authentically with others who share your beliefs. But it's also fine to not care what other people think and live for yourself and the people you care about.

@substack @Anarchofox idk. I think it can definitely be, and it has been in the past too.

@substack @Anarchofox also here in ZA there is a lot of anger because of poverty and inequality so it will probably be easier here. Just need the popular education

@restioson @Anarchofox dunno that's a kind of vanguardist "educating the masses" idea I cannot get behind because it's very patronizing and discounts the agency and unique experiences and perspectives of individual people

@substack @Anarchofox there is a certain amount of education that people need to have if we are going to have a revolution (which I for one am aiming for, long term). Being uneducated shouldn't confer inferiority or discount agency in any way, imo

@restioson @Anarchofox I like the take in Desert about this, that revolution is a deceptive christian impulse, that anarchists are rare, and what that means for the Now and the Soon

sentiments echoed also in the first section of

@substack @Anarchofox yea but anarchists have been Not Scarce in the past (e.g Spain) and especially Not Scarce in the labour movement. The idea isn't necessarily to convert everyone to anarchists, the idea is to try make anarchism the leading idea of the class struggle.

If revolution were Christian that'd be great, because the majority of my country is too, haha

@restioson @Anarchofox class struggle and organizing around labor isn't without utility but it still reproduces a society that is organized around work, commodity production and "progress". I think those are all traps for living a more authentic life according to your own priorities and goals. and the earth system doesn't need more commodity production for "progress". we have overshot many ecological limits already

@substack @Anarchofox I don't think organising around labour will inherently do that, since labourers generally want to work as little a is possible (while still fulfilling themselves)

@Anarchofox yea. A big goal of the anarchist collective I'm in is to try humanise anarchism. So removing the masks, looking less scary, and explaining ideas simply. Currently am working on a pamphlet on class. Might share it here (masto) when I'm done

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