Hmmm.. ecological programming. Biologists suck at maths (too much experience in this area -.-)

i'm thinking about freelancing but i am only mild-moderately skilled in a wide variety of areas. No idea what to focus on (, , , -creativewriting, , , , just to name a few).

Also if they had aliens Trump woulda probably bragged about it by now.

I'm all here for storming Area 51, if I lived anywhere in the US. I'm suicidal and kinda a believer (as in aliens are real, not that the fascists are hiding them).
Honestly I think if the US government was hiding aliens we would know about it by now, considering all the rich and obsessive alien truthers out there. But I'll never know unless we try!

Anime butterfly: is weed & whisky

Anime me: is this...self-care?

what people think hacking is: haha i succesfully spoofed the key exchange to gain privilege on the mainframe

what hacking actually is: hello, i am the county password inspector. please reply to this email with your password so that i may verify that it is secure. thank you

I feel bad when my system mates can't do the things they want because of responsibilities. No one is getting their needs met :(


my new EP about random wikipedia articles, "Disambiguation Station" is now out! featuring songs about such topics as the K-T extinction, hyper-libertarian micronations and BOTANY!

it's free / pay-what-you-want and you can get it here:

Family is very important to me. It's horrible that I can't be with them.

*Kropotkin, Marx, and Bakunin end up in a polycule together*

"We're gonna need a bigger tent"
@caraesten just think of the left infighting that would have been avoided if they'd just fucked

tired: the first pride was a riot
wired: the next pride will be a riot too

The ‘green new deal’ is to climate activism what ‘same sex marriage’ was to the LGBT movement.

It’s the most limited, most reformist goal available, that’s pushed by NGOs and - yes - green corporate funding, to co-opt the energy and potential of a movement that could be revolutionary.

We can’t achieve queer liberation within the state. We can’t save the planet within capitalism. The idea that we’ll get to the revolution if we just put all our energy behind a reformist goal first is misguided.

I wish we were more dedicated to our transition like other people, but it keeps taking back stage compared to our family/work/study life.

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