So much has developed since I was last here. And more important yet, so much have I learned since I was last here. I've learned for instance that you can't get everything from books, and I don't mean stuff you do on the streets only, I also mean ideological stuff as well. There are some folks out there that can teach you so many things in only one conversation, it's crazy.

Oh, and another thing about this forum: I met this guy who told me the Bushido code (the Samurai code of conduct) was actually heavily influeced by early anarchist principles. Sounds odd I realize; I'll have to look more into it though.

Last Saturday I went to a libertarian forum in a nearby town where we discussed about practicing anarchism on a daily basis. There was this lady who, in spite of working for the local government, shared a bunch of tips on how to abuse the legal system and real-estate companies. I have some experience myself on how to abuse the public transport system; I'm contemplating writing this stuff down at some point, like an article, for a fanzine or something of the sorts.

(I'm the manspreading guy 😅).

Looking great. And the best part is, these were completely funded by stealing office supplies. There must to be a lesson in there somewhere for kids watching at home.

Some other guy was supposed to bring a toner for us to print. Man we will flood the streets with pamphlets this Tuesday.

It took me over an hour to get all the five boxes upstairs, two reams per box. Then I had to take them out during my lunch break. I hope no one will notice the two missing stacks from the warehouse.

Today I went through an absolute odyssey trying to fetch some reams from work for the Acratian Bloc. I had to pretend I was carrying boxes (which were empty the whole time) to the warehouse, then make sure there were no cameras in my angle, and then get the reams into the boxes. What I didn't learn until that very moment is just how much a ream weighs —aren't reams supposed to be made out of paper anyway?— they felt like pure concrete.

"My beloved Nicaragua is bleeding yet again... It's just like Che said in his final letter: being able to spot the injustices against any individual, anywhere in the whole world: that's the most beautiful quality of the revolutionary man." (Carlos Mejía Godoy, former musician during the FSLN revolution).

Nicaragua takes a strong stance against a government that used red and black flags to earn a seat in office but then betrayed their people. This goes to show that Sandino's blood still runs through the veins of the youth.

"F is for incorruptible force, S is for the sun of freedom, L is for our unsinkable fight, N for never stepping back".

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Nicaragua protests result in plan cancelation 

I also feel like I should thank @malatesta1932 — who I believe is the admin of this instance — for having hosted this space. It seems like a very tightly-knit community and I'm excited to get to know everyone else. Greetings, Anarchism.Space!

I figured I would keep an anonymous journal on my progress since I'm really excited about the outcome of this voyage. I'm sure later on I too will feel keen to look back on how I felt when I first started.

There's this cute, yet almost fierce girl I sat next to. She takes no shit — it's like a complete opposite to me: I'm a complete pushover. We're all planning on going out one of these nights to paint propaganda on buildings about May Day, which is almost here. I hope I can get to know her more then.

And it's just that, all these years I've been working very closely with Marxist-Leninist groups, and now I'm being given this new codex that basically contradicts everything I thought was right and... I am terrified for the outcome. I feel very insecure around these people because I fear I won't be able to earn their trust completely — I suspect they already know where I hail from. But then again, I'm thrilled to learn more about them. There are certain things you just can't pick up from books.

And it's been tough: every stance I've ever held in my life it's being questioned, and I'm feeling completely lost, foreign even. All these publications and newspapers in my room suddenly feel so... Irrelevant. And I just don't know how to deal with this sudden loss of faith.

So last Friday, for the first time ever, I did something I've been meaning to do for the longest time: I joined an Anarchist circle. It's this small group of friendly, lively young people called "Acratian Bloc" as in "ácrata", which is a Spanish term to describe all those individuals who fight against any form of authority. Very succinct, I know.

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