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courtesy of @lily, which in turn is probably courtesy of tumblr if i were to guess lol

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#OtD 1 Jan 1934 Nazi Germany enacted a law which forcibly sterilised more than 400,000 disabled people. Later they began murdering them, killing 250,000. Their rhetoric about disabled and ill people being a burden on workers is still widespread today.

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@metkis With all that said, the shame should not be on us the users for being forced to upgrade. I personally try to use computers 'till they just won't start anymore. But in the end, the shame should be on the companies that make non-repairable devices. Not the users for upgrading.

There's a saying in Iceland that goes along the line "Skilum skömminni" which means "Return the shame" ( where it belongs). It's mostly used by the #metoo movement but I find it quite fitting in this context.

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Behold. A memory frame. A woven tapestry of ferrite cores whose polarity can be switched using electrical charges, thereby storing bits of information.

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Hate Symbols - presented in an anti-hate format. 

The video shows a person who has studied hate symbols extensively. They’re not going to be talking to anyone who uses these symbols.

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